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We’ve all definitely had to adapt quite dramatically over the past few months when it comes to being able to work from pretty much anywhere – but what has been your absolute must-have when working from home, or your favourite office motivation? 

We’ve spoken to 9 of our colleagues across the business to find out what has helped them stay motivated at home, or a top tip that has helped them since returning to the office. 

It’s easy to fill your day and move from one meeting to the next when working from home. Without the distractions and interaction with others when in the office, time really flies! With our baby arriving just before lockdown, we have had a really positive distraction in the house. This leads to my top tip for working from home… make sure you schedule and take regular small breaks, building these into your working day, around calls and meetings. I find this keeps me focused on individual tasks and prevents them from being dragged out through the day. It has also meant that I have been able to spend a bit of time with Darcy through the day, giving Mum a much-needed break, but often ending up with me having to change a nappy!

Adam Cathcart
Managing Director

1 – Invest in an LED ring light to make your video calls really ‘POP’

2 – Create a sign for your office door to stop people walking in!

3 – Snack Hack – fresh bowls of fruit on the table!

4 – Teams meetings – mix it up and change your background

5 – Artwork on your back wall – I have the world map!

Julia Paterson
Partner Business Manager

Since returning to the office, I’ve found that continuing my lunchtime walks has really helped to clear my head and get my steps up from sitting down all day – it also helps that the office is located in the countryside!

Olivia Rawson
Senior Marketing Executive

1 – Always have a notepad and pen handy (I’m old school)

2 – Remember to take breaks – DSE suggests a 5-10 minute screen break or change of activity every hour, so take a break and make a cuppa!

3 – Have a clean, freshly ironed shirt hung in the office for those all important video calls – yes, I’m wearing shorts and sliders with a work shirt, but who knows?

4 – Make sure your background is tidy. Put up some nice pictures, a clock, or certificates – my degree certificate is hung on the wall next to my wife’s

Simon Fort
Head of Mobile

One thing which helps me whilst working from home is a change in scenery – whether this is moving rooms or sitting outside after lunch (if the weather allows!). It really helps me have a little reset and refresh, ready for the afternoon.

Alex Nutting
Database Developer

Routine for me was key when working from home. Yes, I wore more comfy clothes but made sure I still kept to a routine.

For me, this was an early morning dog walk, followed by a hot cup of coffee before I’m ready to sign on. I’m also a sucker for an 11am coffee too…and then more coffee.

So naturally, this meant an investment in a really good coffee machine of course! So, in summary, my top tip is sticking to a good routine…and coffee.

Vicki Cowperthwaite
Head of Partner Operations

If you’re able to make it back into the office safely, then I highly recommend you take the leap and head back in. It’s so great to see all your colleagues in the flesh again and reconnect.

You soon start to feel a real sense of normality that you can’t get from working at home in your dressing gown.

Dom Parkes
Partner Services Manager

Get a puppy. They sleep through the day and remind you every few hours to take a break and go outside for some fresh air and a few rounds of catch! Also, I think it’s important to just remember you are still at home – the doorbell will ring and the dog will bark, so if you are in meetings just be upfront and let the others in the meeting know you are at home.

You could also start an at home Tuck Shop… a little afternoon treat may not be great for the waistline but it helps me through those difficult afternoon Excel sessions (a bar of Galaxy chocolate and Caramel Latte are my favourites).

Adam Lowe
Business Services Manager

I think routine is key – whilst working from home, I made sure I got up and got ready as normal (although I was sometimes guilty of then putting my PJ’s on!).

It can be difficult to switch off when working at home, but if possible, set your workstation up away from where you relax so there is a clear boundary.

Jemma Turnbull
Team Leader – Bureau

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