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The modern office requires state of the art technology to perform. Our job at 9 is to make sure you have the best products, services and advice available, so that you can achieve your goals without having to worry about your Communications or IT Services.

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Are you looking for a new phone system?

Technology is changing the way we work and what our customers expect so a modern office deserves the very best telephone system. What type of system would work best for you – hosted or on premise? Which features are mandatory and which are just nice to have? How can you make sure that you never miss a call? Is call recording important for your business?

Fully accredited to supply and maintain systems from all the leading vendors, including eve, Mitel and NEC, 9 can provide independent advice to answer all those questions and our employed engineers will make sure that everything stays working as it should do.

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Do you need a faster, more reliable, Internet connection?

High-speed reliable connectivity is essential for the modern office. The 9 portfolio has a product to match any requirement; from basic business broadband, through to high speed Ethernet services and complex network solutions.

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Business Continuity

How can you make sure that your business can still communicate with customers, staff and suppliers in the event of an outage, or lack of access to your main location? Power outages and local access problems are not uncommon, but modern phone systems and number management can provide elegant solutions to make sure that your business will not fail in the event of a disruptive event, large or small.

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Are you looking for news, advice and commentary from our industry?

Technology and business requirements are both developing at a rapid rate. How do you know what might be relevant to our business? You can keep up to speed by reading our latest news, insight and advice.

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Are you moving premises or opening a new office?

There is so much to consider when relocating. Let 9 provide some respite by coordinating your phone, Internet, printing and IT requirements. You can find out more about all our services

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Do you need to make working away from the office more efficient?

The modern office is not confined to a single building or location. With products and advice from 9, you can remain in seamless contact with your colleagues, wherever you may be, sharing and accessing information, as if you were at your normal desk.

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Your mobile phone is now an essential business tool, so why not have all your business calls and information available on this one device? If you are approaching the end of your current contract, then why not talk to 9 about renewal. There are a bewildering number of products, deals and tariffs to navigate, so why not let us do the work for you?

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Do you need to save money on communications?

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for communication services. By working with 9, we can ensure you have the best combination of services to match your current and likely future requirements, including technology solutions that can provide inclusive free calls.

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Gaining an Edge

Investing in new technology should not be all about replacing old for new at a different cost.   Modern communication and IT technology can provide you with real advantages over your competitors and make your customers more valuable.  Today’s customers have access to unlimited information and recognise that choices and options are everywhere, so good to know that 9 can make sure that your office technology is keeping them close to you at all times.

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IT Services

Modernise your IT

Modern IT has the power to make your business more collaborative and productive. The Cloud is an accepted part of business life now, so don’t lag behind the curve. Your customers will increasingly expect you to work with them digitally and efficiently, so find out how our acclaimed experts at 9 can help you.

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