Improving Efficiency – Unleash the capability of your phone system

Improving Efficiency

Service Director at 9, James Carroll, reflects on the untapped potential of the humble phone system

Did you realise that your phone system may be capable of so much more than you are aware of? A bit like all those hidden features on your smart TV or the Sat Nav in your car, your office could be so much more efficient if you unleashed the full capability of your phone system.

What kind of things am I talking about?

Unified Communications

You may have heard of Unified Communications or UC, as it is often abbreviated to. Solutions which bring together the features of your phone system across all your devices – handset, PC and smartphone, irrespective of your location, need not be expensive to deploy and can revolutionise communications between your staff and customers too. Being readily available for your customers and staff has to be a good thing, right?

More advanced UC systems provide collaboration solutons which means that you can seriously reduce the volume of e mail you receive – who wouldn’t vote for that? By using screen sharing, presence, instant messaging, web conferences and live document editing, you can accelerate the way your teams contribute to your business and help them to deliver projects and ideas in half the time.

Call recording

Perhaps you have never considered call recording if it is not a regulatory requirement for your industry, but it can transform your customer service. Being able to access call recordings can help to train and develop staff quickly and effectively, so they can always deliver the highest levels of customer service. Any customer disputes that do arise can be speedily settled, with access to factual call recordings, rather than having to rely on anecdotes and individual recollections. Doesn’t that sound like an improvement waiting to happen?

Call Reporting

Displaying call statistics to monitor and improve customer response times should not just be the preserve of a busy call centre. If you are regularly making and receiving customer calls in your business, then being able to manage your teams to handle these effectively will make for happier customers and more business gained and retained. Wouldn’t that help you to be more efficient?

Business Continuity

Every business is vulnerable to a construction worker severing a key cable, or staff being unable to reach your offices because of travel or weather disruptions. By using your phone system to plan how to react to these situations in advance and deploy alternative call routing at the flick of a switch, or click of a mouse, will save you stress, time and ultimately may even save your business. Don’t be caught out, you can protect your business in a few easy steps.

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