IPSDN – Modern Office Technology Offer


No, that is not a typing error. With the much publicised close down of BT’s ISDN network signalled for 2025, we can predict that support for these services is likely to tail off at the same rate as legacy costs may increase. Many service providers have been tripping over themselves to warn against the perils of not migrating away from ISDN services, but fortunately 9 has adopted a more even handed approach to this changing landscape.

Our business customers are familiar with ISDN and many of them tell us they have been confused by the advent of new acronyms around SIP trunking alternatives and what this service can actually offer. Disappointment with compatibility, costs, number porting and reliability have compounded frustrations for some customers, so it was time for 9 to provide a sensible migration path, without abandoning or confounding our customers in the process.

We like to keep things simple at 9, so we have just brought the old copper based ISDN offering up to date and into the IP based world of the current millennium. In a stroke of marketing genius, we elected to call our new service, IPSDN and given the move from copper to fibre connectivity technology, we have sub-titled our campaign. Switch on to Fibre.

With IPSDN from 9, you can be sure that you will receive brand new technology at a sensible price, with bundled call packages, number flexibility, connectivity and business grade reliability all combined in a single IPSDN service. There will be no need to pay differing providers for elements of the migration, because 9 will take care of everything and probably save you some money along the way.

The new IPSDN service from 9 also opens the door to additional features, such as call recording and enhanced business continuity, so you can focus on achieving your goals, while we look after the office technology.

Find out what it is like to be Free to Perform, by calling the friendly team at 9 on 0800 970 2999, or send us an e mail at hello@9group.co.uk.