Is your smart home device listening to you?


There has been a lot of scepticism around smart home products. Do they listen in to your conversations?

Rumour has it, some do! 

Ars Technica has released findings from a recent study that shows some eavesdropping apps have been able to get past Google and Amazon’s app verifications and onto the app stores. The apps have been disguising themselves as innocent horoscope providers, but listening into their victim’s conversations and snooping for passwords.

The apps performed as the user would expect, but would then carry on listening in after they had completed their action. These conversations were then stored on a server. Other examples included error messages, claiming that they were unable to access the app, which then once again continued to listen in.

Many people are cynical of having the apps in their homes in the first place, due to the fear of being listened to, so they will all be saying ‘I told you so’. So, will you be unplugging your home devices? Or just being extra cautious of the apps you choose to download?

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