Is your technology stopping you working from home?

Lady working from home on her laptop

There’s no doubt that working from home is now offered frequently as a perk or incentive which shows trust to your employees, allowing them the flexibility they need and no longer confining them to the ‘nine to five’ life.

Not so simple

Problems include unreliable call quality, sluggish broadband speeds and inadequate mobile coverage – all things which are key when staying connected outside of the office.

According to The Independent, around 4 million UK workers are unable to work from home due to problems with their broadband and mobile services. With almost half – 46%, saying they are no longer able to work from home whilst the problems exist.  

So, how do you overcome this hurdle in order for your employees to stay efficient?

Equip your employees with the tools that will enable them to be just as productive at home. In turn, this has been proven to save you money on overheads, limit sickness and improve morale.

We offer mobile and super-fast broadband solutions, so your employees can stay connected whilst working remotely. Paired with our cloud-based solution, eve, you can even take your remote working to the next level with collaboration.

Instant chat, file sharing, whiteboard sessions and so much more is available through collaboration on eve. Using this one solution on your mobile, laptop or tablet means as long as you have a good broadband connection you are always communicating.

Make sure your employees aren’t part of the 4 million. Take advantage of the amazing connections we have available and get in touch, today.

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