Would you like the chance to work for one of the UK’s more exciting technology businesses. We just need you to have some combination of charisma, drive, creativity, flair, enthusiasm and talent – all waiting to burn. Still reading?

A Trojan’s appetite for workload, with a passionate desire to make an impact – that will all help. If you seek frequent challenges and a stepping stone to unbridled success and recognition, then 9 is the place for you.

Like the sound of that? OK then – if you see an interesting vacancy here, or maybe you just have some relevant experience with a compulsive desire to meet us, then why not send us your CV and tell us exactly why you will be amazing.

What is a 9 person?
Preparing for an interview with 9
Q&A Sessions with recent new starters
Service Manager£ enquireLuton

The Service Manager will work closely with the Head of Engineering and manage all aspects of the WLR-Connectivity Support Team, Provisioning Team and PBX & Hosted Service Desk, to...

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Partner Support Advisor£ enquireStonehouse

The Partner Support Advisor (PSA) is the “front line” of 9’s Partner Operations Help Desk and plays a vital role in the success 9 Group. A PSA fulfils a number of roles that contribute to providing...

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