Mental health in the workplace


In the wake of the pandemic, the conversation about mental health in the workplace has accelerated. Now, eyes are on business leaders to see how they continue to prioritise the wellbeing of their employees as many more return to some form of normality. 

We recently spoke to Adam Cathcart, Managing Director of 9’s Partner division:

“Business leaders can help to support positive mental health within their teams through a combination of well timed and considerate communications, management education and by creating clear signposts to professional support. 

At 9, we believe that mental and physical health should be treated with equal importance and we aim to create a safe and understanding environment where people can speak openly, knowing they will be supported. We never shy away from the subject and actively encourage conversations around mental health to work towards destigmatising the subject.

We are firm believers in the power of company culture and are fortunate to enjoy a really special and unique culture here at 9 which is fundamental in creating an environment and atmosphere where every employee feels included. Our Partners often acknowledge this and say that they feel part of our culture, which is something that we are hugely proud of and hope continues.

With that being said, a positive culture cannot be forced or bought with a free pizza or beer fridge, it has to be authentic and should be felt right across every area of the business. Culture is a continuous area to work on for all leaders and can be built through trust, communication and recognition.

9 have strived to ensure that our company culture hasn’t been diluted by the pandemic, in fact it feels stronger than ever. A global pandemic has a strange way of creating unity, with everyone working more closely and with a common sense of purpose. Everyone is working together collectively, to achieve mutual goals and to provide support to Partners when they need us most.”

We have put together a collection of resources you may find useful to kick start the conversation around mental health and wellbeing in your business:

  • Headspace – useful articles and tools to help manage stress, anxiety and practice mindfulness 
  • Mind – advice and support on mental health, whether it’s for yourself or learning to support somebody else

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