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It no longer matters if you work in a typical office environment, or across a variety of national or international locations. Maybe you work from home, or spend large amounts of time travelling. At 9, our products are designed to keep you working, wherever your office might be, with all the same convenience and functionality as if you were at your desk and amongst your colleagues.

You can find out more about our range of communication, connectivity and IT options below and how we will leave you Free to Perform. Better still why not contact us and talk to one of our team about how we can work with you to address your specific requirements.

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Phone Systems

At 9 we are fully accredited to supply, install and maintain telephone systems from all the leading vendors including; Avaya, Mitel, NEC, Panasonic and Unify.  Maybe you prefer, or are unsure, about a hosted telephone system, in which case we should talk about, eve, our very own class leading solution. Are you aware of all the features your telephone system can deliver to help your business run more smoothly? Our engineers are all employed by 9, so you can be assured of the very best service and attention to detail, whichever maintenance package you choose, from year round 24/7 cover to ad hoc time and materials.

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Calls and Lines

Dealing with incumbent national providers for your calls and lines can be frustrating and expensive.  By selecting 9, you can be confident that your calls will be routed reliably and your lines will continue to be supplied by Openreach, but without the hassle of having to deal with them directly and at a much-reduced cost to you. Needing new phone lines because you are moving premises, or you need to install extra capacity can be a worrying task, but 9 is well placed to smooth out the bumps in the road and make sure that any numbering changes are delivered and installation proceeds on time. New fibre based technology is rapidly replacing traditional copper wire voice connectivity – indeed BT has announced the closure of its ISDN network by 2025, so plan ahead and talk to 9 about how modern IPSDN technology can save you money and provide important new features, such as call recording and number management, on tap. High inbound call volumes can often be difficult to manage effectively, but doing so is essential to keep customers happy and stay successful. Inbound call management solutions from 9 are comprised from a suite of web-based call control functions, which use virtual numbers that simply point or ‘translate’ to an underlying telephone number.   Existing numbers can be ported into the service, so there’s no need to change customer contact numbers and your contact details can remain the same, even if you relocate to a new geographical area.

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Mobile Connectivity


Your mobile phone is now an essential business tool, so why not have all your business calls and information available on this one device?  Your mobile should not be stand-alone device with a separate number and no access to your business information and the features of your office phone system.  Why not talk to 9 about how we can truly integrate your communications devices and improve the efficiency of your organisation? The modern smartphone is such an integral part of business life that choosing the right network and tariff has to be an informed decision, so why not let 9 help you to understand the options and make the right choice.   The mobile networks are adept at creating arrays of complicated tariffs.  Contract terms and notice periods can be confusing if you are managing a large estate, so why not let 9 look after your mobile requirements on one bill and make sure that you combine the best deal for your business with the best advice about issues such as data usage, out of bundle charges and international roaming.

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Every business needs reliable and rapid internet access and the amount of data generated and consumed is only ever going to increase, yet many organisations are grappling with an inferior service to the one that they are used to at home. A basic business grade broadband service with a suitable router might be sufficient for a two to three-person business, but with the wider availability of fibre broadband and lower cost Ethernet technologies, with more robust service level agreements, then why not let 9 advise you on how you can insulate your business from the frustrations of slow or intermittent connectivity. Larger business customers may well want to connect various sites and share large amounts of data between them.  Resilience is likely to be super important for these customers too, but with the expertise available at 9, we are able to advise on the most effective solution to keep your business connected. Convergence is now a viable option for any size of business, so let 9 explain how our IPSDN or eve solutions could help you to run your voice and data communications on the same connection, with no compromise on resilience or quality.

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IT Services

IT Services

Collaboration, productivity, security and IaaS are all areas where 9 has the understanding and experience to unlock the value of the Microsoft Cloud.  9 can help you to harness and apply the power of Microsoft technologies to transform your office into a productive and collaborative digital workplace. We’ve been on the journey with Microsoft as their tools have transformed from standalone applications and combined into powerful collaboration and communication solutions. The Microsoft solutions are at the core of our work as digital workplace experts from collaboration on Sharepoint and Office 365 through to communication tools like Skype for Business. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and have won numerous awards – notably Microsoft Office 365 Partner of the Year, so you can be confident that we can help you to succeed.

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