Partner Feedback

Web chat and shiny new portals are all very well for enhancing Partner experience, but at 9, we believe it is the people at the coal face who make the real difference.

Working with the feedback from our annual survey, we have made it easier for staff members to be more able to own and resolve issues first time, which our Partners really appreciate.

By taking root cause analysis seriously and reviewing regularly amongst the management team, we have been able to drive out gremlins and avoid the repeat errors which Partners find irritating.

Better never stops however and our process of listening and continual improvement gives us confidence that the next Partner survey will show how much difference the changes we are making have really made.

The 9 Virtual Office solution is a no-brainer; it provides a high level of service 24 hours a day to both ourselves and our clients. Line, Broadband and service faults are dealt with swiftly, many times without involving our staff. Provisioning services through Virtual Office have enhanced our own capabilities and have ensured a smoother installation process.

Robin Jest, Workflow Group

Without 9's excellent help, we couldn’t have grown our company as quickly as we have. The billing platform is reliable, flexible and easy to use but most of all, it takes away all of the hassle that comes with billing customers. This means that my team and I are free to focus on business growth and sales.

Alan Prosser, Happy Telecom

problems resolved quickly

Being a partner of 9 means more than the friendly, reliable service they are known for; they have been there for the entire journey, offering training and advice that has made a world of difference to my business. As a Purple Partner I’ve taken full advantage of 9's range of quality training courses and workshops. They’ve saved me hours of time and money training up my new starters and I’ve seen a real, financial impact following their margin improvement programme.

Mark Sealey, Net Telecoms

We’ve been a partner of 9 since we launched Best 4 Business Communications in 2005 and they played an instrumental part in the company’s success ever since. Over the years, the team at 9 have been a huge source of support, always just a call away when we need them and happy to help with any problem whether big or small. Service and cost are equally important and 9 tick all the boxes.

Freddie Hawker, Best 4 Business Communications

recommend to friends

Phones 4 Business use 9 for our full range of products. This is because the service we receive from 9 is noticeably superior to any other we’ve experienced and they’ve never let us down. All departments that we deal with are helpful, knowledgeable and efficient, making my life easier. By relying on one trustworthy supplier, I have freedom to get on with running my business more effectively.

Emma Martineau, Phones 4 Business

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