Free to Perform

The essence of our Free to Perform mantra is that we do our job, so you’re free to do yours. How did we develop this idea and what does it really mean?

When we first decided that it was time to update the 9 brand and emphasise how we could make a real difference to our partners’ business performance, we knew that we had to find a hook to hang our central theme from. This kind of brief is what marketing agencies live for, so after many meetings with bearded creative types, we agreed on Free to Perform, because it cleverly and succinctly captured how we want to make our customers feel and it could be supported by sporting imagery to make it easier to visualise.

So now we had a hook, but how do we actually bring this to life and use it inside our business to help yours?

At 9, we recognise the value in preparing and planning to the very highest levels.  Attention to detail may not always be exciting, but it is critical to the delivery of outstanding service.  By combining our smart systems, diligent recruitment and detailed training, we have made sure that everyone at 9 is unbelievably well prepared to make things happen and deliver against the highest Free to Perform standards.

High Jumper

Our teams understand what we are trying to achieve for our partners and the impact of second best behaviour. Delivering the reality of Free to Perform demands that excellence and commitment are engrained through everything we do at 9. We regularly check with our partners that this is their experience, not just our belief and they seem to agree.

Success with 9 Group

By bringing our Free to Perform ethos to life, 9 can ensure that our partners can be remorselessly successful too. Taking part is all very well, but we are all in a competitive business environment, so winning is what we are really all about. Indeed, nearly and almost are not part of our daily vocabulary; we just make things work.

Free to Perform is much more than a marketing tag line for 9, it is the soul of our business and a demonstrable outcome of what we do for our partners. If you want your business to be Free to Perform, then take a look at how we can help, or contact us directly

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