Relax like Gary

Meet Gary. He’s the successful and extremely busy business owner behind Diamond Group.

With the help from 9, Gary’s able to relax with family and friends in his local – an impressive, self-made pub in his back garden.

We take care of Gary’s billing, marketing, virtual office and more, meaning Gary has more free time to concentrate on pulling the perfect pint.

At 9, we focus on the back office stuff, so you don’t have to. 

Gary opened the Whippet Inn (named after his favourite film, Bullshot) around two years ago and has hosted over 200 parties during this time! It all started from his first job in a pub as a glass collector, Gary progressed to running this pub before moving to the world of Telecoms.

The Whippett Inn is a place for Gary to unwind, relax and even work away from the office – with a fast WiFi connection of course. 

Diamond Group take all services from 9, meaning Gary has the flexibility to work away from the office when needed and can focus on other important tasks whilst we take care of the back office.

If you want to Relax Like Gary, take a look at our services below that can help you do just that. Or get in touch to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

 Whether you want holiday cover, or a full-time solution, 9’s Virtual Office service provides call handling and customer service in your company name, plus we can take care of all your provisioning requirements to leave you free to focus on growing your business.


purple partner programme

Purple Partner Programme 

Our Purple Partner Programme (PPP) has been designed specifically to deliver you even greater sales success. Through our range of specialist networking events, workshops, hospitality sessions and bespoke Marketing support, you’re free to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities to maximise your margin and enhance your reputation. 
Managed billing

Managed Billing

Why not let our Managed Billing Service free you from the complexities of invoice production and management? Our service means that you can fully integrate provisioning and billing and avoid double entry and the risk of errors. 

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