Revv up your potential with Digital Marketing

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We recognised the potential of search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) and cutting-edge website design, so created a new capability in house under the brand name revvd, a Digital Marketing agency.

Designed to power up reseller lead generation, our partners now have access to a full suite of digital marketing services at a preferential rate, further discounted for PPP members!

We believe that revvd represents a transformational benefit for partners, providing an end-to-end managed service aimed at increasing inbound leads and sales revenues.

Supplying a small database of unqualified leads from a business directory is the equivalent of offering a starving man a fish – he will be fed for the day and then go hungry again.  Digital marketing is the teach a man to fish option, with the potential to keep a business fed with leads forever.

Telemarketing, direct mail and e-casts still all have their place, but the world has moved on and business is increasingly on line.   revvd provides all the tools that our partners need to accelerate their sales and all for a sensible monthly outlay and costs can be quickly controlled, adjusted and fine-tuned to produce demonstrable ROI.

We pride ourselves on having an agency level capability available in house and love being able to use this to help our Partners by creating award-winning marketing campaigns and materials.

Portals stuffed with dated and unimaginative white label collateral are not the way forward. You need to engage with your partners on a one-to-one basis and provide some genuine marketing value.  revvd is our vehicle to make that happen

We have already completed two digital marketing workshops for our Partners and have further events planned throughout the rest of the year at our HQ nestled in the Cotswolds.

People are always surprised by the significant impact digital marketing can have on their business. The team at revvd can help to demystify the process and manage campaigns on their behalf.

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Whether you want instant sales, need to build brand awareness or your long-term digital strategy is to climb to the top of Google, revvd can help – find out more, today.