Stepping Stones


Stepping Stones is a charity, local to our office in Luton. Their team plays a vital role in the community, supporting mothers and their children to rebuild their lives in a safe environment.

Last year the team at 9 wanted to make a difference too, by donating books, toys and games to the Stepping Stones creche this Christmas. The team delivered the gifts just in time for the big day and treated the staff and volunteers to festive cupcakes too. Our goal was to put a big smile on their faces and to show them that the important work they do is recognised and valued by all of us.

Since then, we’ve been working closely with Stepping Stones to help them spread the word about the amazing support they provide. Including social media support, design work and a new partnership with revvd, our Digital Marketing team.

About Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is a local charity, based just a few streets away from our office in George Street West, Luton. They provide a safe, welcoming, environment for women who have suffered abuse and those who are vulnerable due to substance misuse.

Their creche is often filled with babies and young children, who receive care from volunteers and staff at short notice, while their mothers receive the help they need.

Stepping Stones is a customer of 9’s. We’re keen to give something back to the community through supporting the important work they do and will be supporting them throughout 2019.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to support the charity, telephone visit the Stepping Stones website.

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