The telecoms industry highlights barriers to 2025 fibre


Following on from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s, recent commitment to roll out fibre to all by 2025, the telecoms industry has highlighted the barriers currently making this objective feel unachievable.

The industry has formally written an open letter, showcasing the key issues that need to be addressed:

Planning reform

Currently telecoms company need to gain permission to access property in order to install cabling to provide a fibre connection. No access = No fibre. These requests are often ignored, meaning they can’t install the upgraded connection. The government is appealing for the rules to be changed, so that access becomes enforceable. 

Fibre tax

Fibre connections are classed as commercial property and therefore taxed accordingly. The government warns that this is putting people off investing in fibre technology.

New build homes

The telecoms industry speculate that many new build homes are still being built without a fibre infrastructure. Priorities should be changed so that all new property builds should have access to a fibre connection.


The letter has warned there could be a skills shortage due to Brexit. This project will require a wealth of engineers, so the industry is urging for more investment into training the next generation and access to the world’s talent. 

The open letter concludes, “Nationwide full fibre coverage is not a can that can be kicked down the road.”

“Work needs to start now, and 100% fibre coverage requires a 100% commitment from government.”

Share your thoughts with us on the open letter and whether you think the 2025 objective is realistic. You can read the open letter here.

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