9 reports 30% hike in Partners selling mobile

Man using mobile phone in bar

9 Group has reported a 30% hike in the number of partners selling mobile in 2019, in part driven by greater awareness of mobility as a customer enabler and revenue generator.

Rob Downes, Head of Solution Sales

“We expect this to continue to increase through 2020 as more resellers understand the importance of mobility and the revenue available from not only the traditional voice and data tariffs, but also from MDM, HaaS and other value adds,” stated Rob Downes, Head of Solution Sales, 9 Group.

“As unlimited data plan sales increased in 2019 we saw a bump up in ARPU. We expect this to be the same in 2020 as customers look to upgrade tariffs to fit their increased mobile data requirements.”

As more of the workforce becomes made up of people who have grown up only knowing smartphones, the demand for a traditional desktop handset will disappear, according to Downes.

Rob Downes on why partnerships are key to mobile success

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