Would you be happy to see your doctor online?

Online GP

The idea of being able to see your doctor from the comfort of your own home sounds perfect for everyone.

Sometimes getting to the doctors can be a pain. Trying to fit it around work commitments, long waiting times or maybe just leaving the house when you don’t feel well enough.

Additionally, the doctors, like everyone, want a flexible work life – something which has never been a possibility until now.

There are numerous apps and online services now offering the convenience of being seen by a GP, Consultant and many more healthcare professionals, from anywhere. This is all great, but do you think you’ll receive the same treatment as if you were physically examined or is the ease of appointments worth it?

Doctor shortages all around the world and the rate at which technology is progressing mean that this technology update could be crucial when tackling the problems we may face in the future. It’s thought that in Sweden, up to 45% of patients who visit a general practice can be dealt with digitally – with the majority of GP appointments hosting follow ups for long-term conditions.

Using an advanced platform for online consultations could mean a decrease in healthcare costs, increase in availability and even widen your access to a broader range of healthcare professionals.

We want to know your thoughts – would you be happy to see your GP over video conferencing?

Source – BBC, 2019.

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